Why are things upside down today?

¡ʎɐᗡ puɐʇspuɐH lɐuoᴉʇɐuɹǝʇuI s,ʇᴉ ’ǝsɹnoɔ ɟO

The 27th of June is the day in the year when anyone can be a gymnast. We’re used to going head over heels in this sport but today we encourage you to have fun doing it too.

The handstand is THE core skill in gymnastics. It requires perfect balance and control with a good physical condition to stay in position, with some gymnasts happily spending minutes upside down. A lot of gymnastics skills are done on our hands after all, so having a good shape and the ability to hold it is very important. We’ve seen many of our members practising at home these past weeks while we’ve had to stay closed and loads of you have been sharing photos and videos of yourselves working out and having fun in our Facebook group and on Instagram.

If there was ever a day in the year when it was OK to share a photo of yourself showing off and going upside down though, for no other reason than IT’s FUN, today is the day! We’d love to see all of your photos on social media throughout the day, so grab your camera, find an interesting and safe place to practise and GO HANDSTAND!

Don’t forget to tag your photos with #teamcmig and share them with us on Facebook and Instagram. #internationalhandstandday

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