A world class gymnastics facility and teaching environment

The City of Manchester Institute of Gymnastics provides a world class gymnastics facility and coaching team. The club has a full programme of recreational and competitive gymnastics, and caters for the absolute beginner all the way up to international level.

The Main Gym features a full range of Olympic standard equipment including:

  • A 14m x 14m tension sprung competition Floor

  • A 18m fast rebound track

  • A 20m sprung tumble track

  • A large trampoline
  • Several trampettes
  • 2 additional Floor workout areas

  • 17 Pommel Horse training stations

  • 6 Rings training situations

  • 4 Vaulting  situations

  • 7 Parallel Bars training situations

  • 14 Beam training situations

  • And 11 Bar training  situations – these include Horizontal Bar and Asymmetric Bars, with foam pit, adjustable height and competition landing

Our facilities

The gymnastics centre includes:

  • A large Main Gym arena (40m x 30m)
  • A second smaller gym (18m x 10m)
  • A dance studio (8m x 6m)
  • And an informal cafe for parents

And the different gym setups are:

  • The Main Gym arena (for Advanced Recreation classes and above)
  • A Teaching Gym (for our Foundation level recreational classes)

Main Gym

The purpose built Main Gym arena is outfitted with state of the art equipment providing the best possible training and teaching space. The gym is where our Advanced Recreation and High Flyers classes take place and where our Competitive Gymnasts are coached and train.

CMIG Main Gym Arena Rings
CMIG Main Gym trampoline and pits
CMIG Main Gym Arena overlooking floor apparatus
CMIG Main Gym Arena with pommel horse equipment in foreground
CMIG Main Gym rear of vault lanes
CMIG Main Gym Arena vaults
CMIG Main Gym vault lanes and crash mats
CMIG Main Gym Arena from behind vault and rings area
CMIG Main Gym Arena looking over crash mat to bars and floor apparatus
CMIG Main Gym Arena asymmetric bars
CMIG Main Gym Arena rear
CMIG Main Gym Arena floor

Teaching Gym

Our Teaching Gym is home to our recreational Foundation classes. The gym has been purposely designed with young gymnasts’ needs in mind.

CMIG Teaching Gym 5
CMIG Teaching Gym 1
CMIG Teaching Gym 2
CMIG Teaching Gym 6
CMIG Teaching Gym 3
CMIG Teaching Gym 7

Using the club

If you’d liked to know more about the different classes taking place in our gyms, head on over to our Gymnastics Classes pages.

Gymnastics Classes