Gymnastics for all

Our aim here at CMIG, with our full range of gymnastics classes for children, is to provide the highest standards of gymnastics coaching at all levels, with an emphasis on learning, enjoyment and personal development.

A strong foundation

Children who are four and over can start their gymnastics experience in our Foundation classes. Our expert coaches ensure the children receive a well balanced introduction to gymnastics, guiding them through all of the basics to build a strong foundation, aiding their development in the sport.

Continuing their development

When children reach an ability level beyond the Foundation level they’re invited to attend our more advanced gymnastics classes. Our Advanced Gymnastics classes take place in the main training gym and are designed to further the gymnast’s skills and accomplishments.

These classes also give the gymnasts the opportunity to achieve British Gymnastics badges and certificates. The gymnast may then be ready to join our High Flyers and earn their first  Gold Medal!

Expert coaching at every stage of development

Each week at CMIG we have a full schedule of gymnastics coaching consisting of a large pre-school programme, over thirty classes of recreational gymnastics (spanning some fifty hours), and ten competitive gymnastics performance groups at County, National and International levels (with 100+ gymnasts).

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