Welcome to City of Manchester Institute of Gymnastics (CMIG)

To participate in our gymnastics activities you must be a member.

Please fill out this short online form to register with the club
(ALL members)


Complete your online British Gymnastics membership (Recreation Class members only, not Play Gym) – see below

You only need to complete membership registration once your child has a place confirmed in a class and it must be completed before your child takes part in their sessions. Please note that completing this registration does not guarantee a place in a class (requests for places should be made on our Online Booking page).

Please complete one form for each child you are registering with the club.

Recreation Class Members

Once we receive your completed membership form we will send you a payment request for the current membership year (September to August). Please note that membership must be renewed each year in August for the year ahead and we will contact all members when this is due. Our club membership costs £11 a year (free to Play Gym members).

To take part in our recreation classes, members must also register with British Gymnastics (bronze level).

The total membership cost (for up to Aug 2021) is £30 a year (£11 CMIG club membership and £19 membership to British Gymnastics).

REMEMBER: After completing our club CMIG membership form (above) you must then complete registration with British Gymnastics by going to http://www.british-gymnastics.org/membership. No payment to BG is necessary as the club collects this and pays it to them on their behalf.

When you are prompted to say which club you are joining please ensure you select City of Manchester Institute of Gymnastics.

Once we receive confirmation of your payment and notification that you have completed both our club and also BG membership your membership will changed from “pending” to “active”. Please ensure you keep your details up to date if anything changes before the next renewal.