Welcome to City of Manchester Institute of Gymnastics (CMIG)

To participate in our gymnastics activities you must be a member. Membership of the club is renewed annually and a monthly membership subscription applies along with a small annual membership fee. If you are already a member you can access and update your details by going to https://my.coacha.app/login/cmig

All our members must also be members of British Gymnastics (the Governing Body for gymnastics in the UK). You must complete this by going to their website online here > British Gymnastics membership (Recreation Class members only, not Play Gym).

If you are looking to join the club as a new member then please head over to our How To Join page and follow the simple sign up instructions there.

Recreation Class Members

Please note that membership of both CMIG and BG must be renewed each year in September for the year ahead and we will contact all members when this is due. Our club membership costs £35 a year (free to Play Gym members). The £35 is split between the club and British Gymnastics (CMIG £13, BG £22)

Don’t forget that to take part in our recreation classes, members must hold and renew their membership with British Gymnastics each year.

NEW MEMBERS: After completing our club CMIG membership form (see How To Join page) you must then complete registration with British Gymnastics by going to http://www.british-gymnastics.org/membership.

When taking out membership with BG please ensure you select City of Manchester Institute of Gymnastics as the club you are joining.

Please ensure that you keep your contact details up to date with us if anything changes before the next renewal.