Annual membership of CMIG costs £35 a year plus a monthly membership subscription fee depending on your membership level. Our members must also be members of British Gymnastics, the Governing body for the sport of gymnastics. The annual membership fee includes £13 club membership (CMIG) and £22 British Gymnastics membership. The annual membership fees must be paid when you first join in order to participate in class sessions and then renewed each year at membership renewal time, see our membership page for more information. The monthly membership subscription is paid by direct debit and is set up through our club membership app.

Please be aware that all payments must be made in advance and that failed or late payments will be subject to an additional administration fee as per the club’s terms and conditions of membership.

We will collect the British Gymnastics membership fee and you will receive an email when it’s time for you to complete the BG membership. You will not need to make any payment to BG for this as we pay the membership for you.